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Manage your tabs. Focus on what matters.

Open Tabs is a Google Chrome extension that helps you manage how you navigate through the internet. It lets you create groups of tabs, save them, and reopen them later, so you can focus on using the ones you need right now.

Improve your computers performance.

When you have dozens of tabs open, Chrome uses a lot of memory and processing power, therefore, by storing the tabs you don't need in Open Tabs, you allow your computer to run faster.

Save tabs across devices.

Open Tabs syncs to your google account, which means you can access groups of tabs you saved in other computers as long as you're signed in.

Download completely for free.

Now available for download in the Chrome Web Store.

Help build Open Tabs.

Open Tabs is still in its first versions, but it will continue to improve over time. That said, if you want to request features or remove something you don't like, I'll be more than happy to hear from you on Twitter or on my email at Daniel@Valderrama.io.