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How do I use Open Tabs?

If you have a bunch of tabs open in Chrome, you can make use of Open Tabs by separating all your tabs into windows with different categories, and then turning them into groups by clicking the Open Tabs logo in the top right corner of Chrome and saving them by clicking the plus button and then giving it a name. After that, your group will remain there and you can close all the tabs you just saved untill you need to use them. You can open a group of tabs by clicking on it and then clicking the "Open" button.

What does the "Update" button do to a group?

The Update button will replace all the tabs that were stored in that groups with the tabs open in the chrome window where you clicked it.


Chrome is telling me Open Tabs can read my browsing history. Why?

In order for Open Tabs to know what tabs are open in your computer, Chrome grants it permission to read your browsing history, that's why that message appears. That said, all the information you store in Open Tabs will remain within your computer and your Chrome account. Open Tabs does NOT, by any means whatsoever, gather any information about you.

Feedback and Bugs

I found a problem. What do I do?

Please be sure to message me on Twitter or email me at Daniel@Valderrama.io about it. I'll be more than happy to help you.

I want to request a feature. What do I do?

Please contact me on Twitter or through my email at Daniel@Valderrama.io. I look forward to hearing your idea.


I've got more questions. What do I do?

If you need help or want to discuss anything related to Open Tabs, be sure to message me on Twitter or reach me through my email at Daniel@Valderrama.io where I'll be happy to help you.